December 2020 Newsletter

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A reflection on the past year and an optimistic view of the New Year to come

Dear Members,

2020 has been a year unlike any other, together we have faced a worldwide pandemic that has changed our lives and work in ways we could never have imagined. There is no doubt that it has been a year of personal loss, opportunities gone astray, crisis in our communities and across the country and the world. We take note of events and losses with sadness. Reflecting on the year we have a renewed sense to “do better than ever” as we enter this Christmas season and close the calendar on 2020.

And yet despite the carnage of the pandemic there has been joy. Across the world, we’ve learned to work remotely, innovate our businesses, enjoy more family togetherness, value our friends and colleagues and learned to communicate and enjoy fun virtually. We’ve rediscovered resilience and found untapped creativity and potential.

As we take our walks around the beautiful roads where we live people say hello to each other, usually smiling at each other as roads are crossed to maintain social distance. We’ve remembered to phone and Zoom distant friends and relatives, renewing relationships that might have faded over the last few years.
There are many things to be thankful for in 2020 and particularly for the Branksome Park & Canford Cliffs Residents Association, we are most thankful to you our members. Thank you for staying with us and the great news is that our numbers are now increasing with new applications coming in all the time.

Thank you all for continuing to trust the business of your association to our Executive Committee. We’re involved in many things, to mention just a few,

  • Planning applications are monitored and opposed or supported depending on the merits of the case and the best interests of our members
  • The Pinecliff Garden Volunteers look after the “Sunken Garden” on the cliff top
  • Local businesses have been supported with free advertising in the magazine throughout the year
  • Our Community Speed Watch continues to try to curtail drivers that choose to race along our leafy roads
  • We are fighting for the preservation of our woodland footpaths in the face of the aggressive anti-social behaviour of a few. We have got the Council and the Police on side and they are equally determined to deal with these self-obsessed selfish mountain bikers who are now tearing down the no cycling signs and continuing to destroy the pathways. Rest assured patrols are being organised and the public are making their own reports too, we will prevail
  • We continue to lobby for more pedestrian road crossings and cycle ways on the roads
  • Our President John Sprackling knows the right questions to ask regarding BCP finances and plans for the future
  • The Pines & Chines magazine is back in print for the Winter edtion, if you haven’t seen a copy send a reply email and we will arrange to drop one off. You can also read the current magazine and past copies on the web site;

As we approach our great and wonderful Christmas time, we toast you all and send our best wishes to you, your families, and friends. May you stay safe, healthy and above all optimistic for the New Year ahead.
As they say, “Happy Holidays”. Onward and upward to 2021

Kindest regards,

Roger Allen