Pinecliff Garden


Our Residents Association has for some years been involved with the Pinecliff Garden also known as the Sunken Garden.  This year the ball was passed to Bob Reid our ever industrious and evergreen Chairman.  Bob supported by Roger Allen worked with Katy Salter of Poole Council to re-launch our Pinecliff Garden project.  Letters were sent out to residents in the surrounding neighbourhoods and the Friends of Canford Cliffs library expressed their support to Bob and his team.

The Work Day was changed from Tuesday morning to every Thursday morning.  The first work day of the new season was set for April 6th and what a day we had.  Bob and Roger were on station early with coffee and biscuits wondering if anyone would show up.  No worries on that front, people came in numbers, even John Gunton our editor made an appearance with hoe in hand supported by his dear wife Charlotte.

From that day onwards our volunteer group set about the business of managing the garden. Bob organised the all important Risk Assessment as required by BoP and our insurers.  Roger with the help of one of our most experienced gardener volunteers Ann Brown wrote the Work Plan for the year and that enables volunteers to contribute on days other than our regular Thursday morning.

The Association wishes to make a special mention about two particular stalwart volunteers, Val Lamb and Ian Woodroffe who have been the mainstay of our core volunteer team.  They are good company, always ready to pitch in with great humour and because of their enthusiasm the garden is receiving so much praise from all directions.  We talk with the locals, the holiday makers, the athletes stopping for a breather after ascending the steps from the beach and all the Council guys who are regular visitors and have been fantastic.  Not just because they pick up the green waste and trim the hedges.  It’s because they are genuine with their interest, encouragement and advice.  Their support is really appreciated by the volunteers.

Life has been made easier by the Friends of Canford Library who offered to share their garden storage area with the Association.  We contributed to the cost of fencing and security locks and fully funded our own storage shed, wheelbarrow and a variety of tools. This means that volunteers don’t have to carry tools from their houses, we have them on site or at least close by at the library.  We should also say thank you to the library staff that have taken deliveries on our behalf and directed people to the garden.

Working on these beautiful gardens is really satisfying and good for the soul. Its fun, keeps you fit and you meet new people.  So to all our members we say please pop along on a Thursday morning to say hello if you have the time and remember the gardens are there to enjoy by all everyday thanks to the Residents Association and its volunteers.

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