February 2021 Newsletter

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An ECO Magazine, Working Parents, Home Schooling, Young Artists and much more

Dear Members,

When writing the monthly newsletter we try to look for good news as well as factual reporting on any current issues, because every day we are bombarded by mind numbing negativity that is forcing many of us to not even switch on the news never mind switching it off. Thank goodness for Netflix.

The Pines and Chines magazine

Our magazine is beautiful to behold and we receive good feedback, but could it be more environmentally responsible? All paper these days comes from sustainable sources but its what happens during the paper manufacturing process, the type of inks used, and the finishes applied to the pages that are the issues. Our magazine is already printed using veg based inks, but we could switch to a Bond paper that doesn’t involve bleaching and we could change from having any plastic content too.

We are awaiting samples from our printer to compare how a full-on ECO magazine will look compared to what we have now. There will be more on this in due course but in the meantime we would greatly appreciate to know members views. Please email vc.bpccra@gmail.com

And the Good News is Pines and Chines Summer Edition will be distributed from mid April directly to members through the Volunteer Warden Network and to local businesses to pass on to their customers.


The AGM usually takes place around the end of April just after we’ve got the summer magazine out. Whilst hopefully lock down restrictions will have eased by then it’s doubtful that we’ll be able to hold an AGM at that time. Fingers crossed we will be able to sometime later in the year. We love our AGM, time to meet up and chat, listen to some interesting guest speakers and have a bite and glass of wine.

Working Parents & Home Schooling

Most of our members have children and many have grandchildren and those that don’t will likely have nephews and nieces around somewhere. Therefore it’s fair to say that most members are very aware of the hard work, day in and day out, now facing working parents with children not at school.

It’s more than dealing with the immense challenge of tutoring kids of different ages at home, what do they do with them in the evenings and at weekends? It’s only natural for youngsters to want to see their mates. Everyone has been telling them to get off the Xbox and go out and do stuff, and now they can’t.

I’m sure we are of one voice in recognising and paying tribute to families with young children and teenagers. Older relatives and friends would love to be supporting and helping but they can’t do that either. However, we have some ideas to share with you.

An Art Competition for Children

This idea idea comes from members who have asked if the Association could organise a children’s painting competition to include an Art Exhibition. As things stand the exhibition will be online and parents and grandparents will be able to email paintings to a dedicated email address for display in the online gallery to be introduced onto our web site. www.pinesandchines.co.uk . The plan is just taking shape, so any suggestions will be appreciated.

There will be prizes and the winners, (there could be more than one category), will have their paintings included in the next magazine.

Sandcastles in the summer

Another idea put forward by a member is for the Association to hold a Sandcastle Competition this summer. It’s a great idea and the Association will be exploring the possibilities. If some of the restrictions are still in place it’s the type of event that could run even with social distancing.

A Barbecue on the Beach

Is another idea put forward and could run in tandem with a Sandcastle event. Beach activities will have to be discussed with BCP but where there is will there is a way.

For more ideas and how to make them happen check this link out….. https://www.twinkl.co.uk

And if you fancy organising a virtual Cocktail Party, go to https://niococktails.co.uk/ and then dust off your tuxedos and shake out the cocktail dresses and lets Party!

The End of the Leasehold Trap

The ‘scandalous pitfalls of leasehold’ will be banished under new legislation.
Homeowners will be able to extend leases up to 990 years at zero ground rent.
Leaseholders call for no delays on implementing the new legislation.

You can find an explanation of the new laws being introduced to protect leaseholders on our web site. Follow this link https://www.pinesandchines.co.uk/category/news/
This legislation will be of paramount importance to all those living in leasehold flats. Reading is highly recommended.

A message from Councillor Mohan Iyengar about jet ski licensing

Within the Local Government Association nationally, I’m one of two champions for water-safety including drowning prevention and so on. The issue of jet-skis has really gained momentum with several coastal councils. Glad to see it’s being moved forward in parliament. The link below indicates the second reading of a bill in February, to require a licence to operate a jet-ski. Please follow the link for more information, https://www.parallelparliament.co.uk/bills/2019-21/jetskislicensing


Web site hosting upgrade

Due to greatly increased numbers of visitors to our web site some of you may have encountered slow download speeds. We’re fixing it by upgrading our server provision.

That’s all for now. If anyone has a news item they would like to share then please get in touch

Kindest regards,

Roger Allen