Good news for Canford Cliffs

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Good news for Canford Cliffs, where the appearance of the empty store-fronts at 31-37 Haven Road has been significantly improved following an intervention by the Association.

Residents had raised concerns about the unsightly appearance of the vacant stores at recent Association meetings, noting the negative impact that this had on the neighbourhood and other local traders. The signage above each store had been left in very poor condition with one sign in a state of complete disrepair with loose wires dangling from it (see before and after photos). Old branding from previous occupants had been left to decay and looked very messy indeed.

The Association approached the landlord requesting that a range of cosmetic works be done to smarten the stores’ appearance for the period that they remain vacant. We’re pleased to say that the landlord was swift in responding to our requests and made all the improvements that we asked for. We hope that a thriving business or businesses will soon be operating from the store-fronts before long.

The Association does everything in its power to maintain and enhance the beauty of Canford Cliffs and Branksome Park. If you are concerned about the condition or appearance of any commercial or public property in the area, please get in touch to let us know.