March 2024 Newsletter

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With Spring almost here, a lot is currently happening.

First Dates; There is NO MEETING this month

The next meeting is our AGM

Date: Saturday 27th April

Place; Canford Cliffs Village Hall

Time: 10-30 pm

The Exec Committee will meet in May

The next Members Evening meeting will be:

Wednesday 12 June

St Aldheim’s church committee room; 7-30pm

I hope we see many of you at the AGM; It will be a chance to meet your Ward councillors, your MP, local council officials and representatives of various bodies concerned with activities in our area.

The major area of activity over the last few weeks has been our fight to prevent BCP Council selling off part of the Beach Road Carpark. Firstly, thanks to the many of you who supported our efforts by writing to the Council, by signing our petition (over 1000 signatures!) and by contacting the Press and Media.

Despite all this effort, the full council meeting still voted to sell off part of this important asset. However, we haven’t given up. The next stage is the Council’s “Appropriation” process for which they have just issued the required Public Notice. We have until April 12th the opportunity to send in to the Council our comments and objections.

These must be made in writing to:

BCP Council Corporate Property Officer

BCP Council

BCP Council Civic Centre

Bourne Avenue

Bournemouth BH2 6DY


or by email to


A really massive number of objections and comments may just persuade them to think again.

We will keep everyone posted, if necessary, by an additional newsletter.

Thanks to all for their support so far.

Finally. I am pleased to announce that we have found a new treasurer to take over from Jackie Heap. Stanley Peters will assume the role at the AGM. However, we still need someone to volunteer to take on the secretary’s role. Please contact me to find out more.


Peter Schroeder


Branksome Park and Canford Cliffs Residents Association

07767633718 or 01202701430