April 2022 Newsletter

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Dear Members

Plans for April 22 Meeting

We are pleased to announce that our normal monthly meeting will take place on Wednesday 13 April, in the usual committee room at St Aldhelms Parish Centre.  The Agenda and the Planning Report will be available separately on the Pines & Chines website.

Beach Issues

As before, the key issues that are troubling our residents at the moment all seem to be about the beach!  We will be able to have some updates about the Beach Road Car Park, the Beach Hut SPV, and of course the Branksome Chine Restaurant (Rockwater project).  Our main objective at this meeting will be to ensure that those members who attend are given a reasonable understanding of the current status of each issue.  It is not our intention to have detailed presentations or debates, as there will not be enough time to go into the finer details of the legal and social aspects.  We are hoping to get some useful updates from our Local Councillors.


 The last two years have led to reduced social engagement fo us all.  One consequence of this is that we are in serious need of new committee members, including people who are able to deal with administrative and computer-related matters.  At the AGM, which is planned for Saturday 14 May at the Village Hall, there will be vacancies for Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Membership Secretary and Website Manager.  We would be pleased to hear from any member who could help us to run the Association successfully.

The Executive Committee