We have a new Membership Secretary

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The Association has appointed Julie Ross to the executive committee as our Membership Secretary.  Julie brings years of business experience and key data management skills to the executive committee. Which is vital to the organisation of our existing membership and for the campaign to increase our numbers still further. The BPCCRA plays a vital role defending and promoting our shared values by holding the council, developers, and politicians to account.  The committee would like to thank Julie for stepping forward

Julie sends a message to us all……

“I have enjoyed being a resident of BP and CC for the last 30 years and welcome the opportunity to join the BPCCRA Executive Committee. With a great team of like minded people I look forward to working with them to address any issues that may impact this exclusive area and help preserve its unspoilt beauty. 

As Membership Secretary, I also look forward to working on ways to retain existing members and bring onboard as many new members as we can. And by informing those who don’t know about us and to enlighten those who have been members for many years but don’t actually realise they are already part of the association.  Hopefully, they can help our association progress in a gentle and positive way to enable us all to enjoy this beautiful unspoilt area for many years to come.”